Clemoutsi Castle
Overlooking Ionian Sea…

Chlemoutsi Castle is located in the westernmost promontory of the Peloponnese. It is built on top of the hill “Helones” and dominates the plain of Elis. This is one of the most important and best preserved fortresses of Greece, an excellent example of castle architecture of the Franks in the Peloponnese.

The main entrance is located on the northwest side and was originally a gate. The castle consists of two enclosures. The inner yard where was the residence of the prince, the chapel and accommodations for the guard is built on the highest point of the hill and forming a hexagon around a large central courtyard. The external walls are ruins of buildings, tanks and a Turkish mosque.

At the premises of the inner enclosure was the residence of the castellan or prince, lobbies, kitchens and accommodation for the garrison. The conference had two storeys (excluding room G) and inside are preserved tanks, numerous fireplaces, similar to those of the peripheral buildings external enclosure, storage niches and spaces toilets. The entrance to these was via the inner courtyard and terrace with outdoor mason stairs. There were accommodated with tall semi-ellipsoid domes, which in combination with the openings with sunken dome and slightly pointed arches openings confirm the western origin of the founders of the castle.

Two years, from 1220 to 1223, time record for the season, Geoffrey A Villehardouin needed to build the strongest fortress of the Frankish principality of Achaia. Located in a strategic position with extensive views of the plains of Ilia and the Ionian Sea, surrounded the capital of the principality ANDRAVIDA, the most important harbor of Glarentzas. At the time of Vilerdouinon named by the founders of Clermont and flourished. Chlemoutsi located in the village of Castro Kyllinis, the westernmost promontory of the Peloponnese. It is built on top of a hill that dominates the plain of Elis.